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, topper. >> it is getting better. if you are north of town no big problems. if you're south of town you're still dealing with some big thunderstorms. in the wake of some of the storms still some flash floods in effect. they are at the bottom of the screen. take heed in that as well. watch the watch box get trimmed. starting with thunderstorms 2, 3 p.m. they are south of us now. watch box in response gets trimmed. so now it is essentially dc south. but i think even further south to get the really severe weather. doppler weather. access on our website we are looking at big thunderstorms south. a massive area of hail just to the east of oak grove. everything is pushing off to the east. leonard town heavy rain just to your south. very heavy rain now just south of 3 and actually right around 3 towards port royal. we are talking about rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. so this will probably lead us to more flash flood warnings in the wake of these storms. to the west we go. spotsylvania under a severe thunderstorm warning now. this is a lot of hail and that's one of the criteri
doppler 9000. get your bearings. beltway. no storms around the beltway or downtown but some big storms out to the northwest and more storms north of baltimore. storms that prompted the warnings are out toward cum betterland. for other counties we have a flash food warning. hampshire and others. some very, very heavy rain. again, if you're out in this area trying to get home do not try to cross any flooded areas by foot or by car. this storm is headed to that area and capable of producing rains and very gusty winds. don't see any hail in it. just to the south of pumpkin center and just to the north of green spring and is pushing off to the south and to the east towards paw paw. we will come back and talk about where most of the storms will develop tonight. we will tell you what that means for the rest of the week. lesli? >> thank you, topper. >>> showing a brighter and safer metro area. today we got a new look at the 7000 series cars that will replace hundreds of unsafe and outdated cars on the rails. delia gonclaves is live outside the plaza with a closer look and what passengers think. >>
's charged with murder, robbery, and arson. >> i hope she pays, big time. >> reporter: remarkably, this is the second member of the nam family to be murdered at this store. richard nam's daughter-in-law was shot and killed near in 2002. three men were arrested in that case. as for ashley owens, she's being held on a $1 million bond. we did learn she has a criminal record in d.c. and prince george's county. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thank you. lesli, to you. >>> well, tonight, loudoun county officials are looking 23450 a why a preschool ren -- are looking into why a preschool reinstated one of its members who was under investigation for sexually assaulting a child. know that same worker is charged with sexually abusing a child at the same school. the one question people may have, why did this happen? how could this happen? >> well, that's the question. nobody seems to be able to answer that for us tonight. but it's very frightening. because the very people parents need to trust to keep their children safe seem to have dropped the ball
up later. >> anny, thank you. >>> well, we've got big news coming out of redskin's training camp today. the disgruntle defenseman lineman was traded to the new england patriots this morning. we have live reactions about that trade. >> reporter: i said it this morning, no surprises again here, just a lot of relief. the saga hung around for so long, but on tuesday they don't want to say another word about albert haynesworth. he department have to worry about that -- he doesn't have to worry about that michigan this redskins nightmare is officially done. >> the money is awesome, it's great. but i'm out here when i want to put that helmet on. it is to kick butt and make sure that god knows i'm the best player to ever be played against. >> reporter: it didn't happen. in the $100 million man logged just four sacks, missed four games, and claimed about the defensive scheme. while they did not speak to reporters again, fans in the area certainly did. >> when you give someone too much and just enough potential, $100 million, do you think he will work as hard? >> reporter: apparently not.
. and there will be tons of traffic. so what do you do till the big show at 9:10? there will be tons of activities, family related activities on the mall. the smithsonian folklife festival will be here and a reintactment of the signing of the independence. and they give you a copy of the deb clair racing of -- decoration of -- declaration of independence for you to take home. >>> if you're going outside this holiday weekend, it is going to be a scorcher that could really makes thing having on the fourth of july. things will start to heat up. we're feeling the heat but it's not too bad because of the humidity. temperatures downtown 90, leaseberg, 88, barnsberg 86, and the dew point, these are really nice, in the 40s and the 50s, but they'll start creeping up, starting tomorrow. tomorrow we can expect clear and cool again. opt windows and the lows will be 58 to downtown. beach and boating, it's that time of year, upper 80s and 90s. on sunday, 89 to 94 degrees. and we head over to the ocean, 82 to 86 degrees and lots of sunshine and winds out of the south. and for sunday, 85 and 90 and the water temperature
operators have always had plenty of back seat drivers riding along but since last fall big brother has been watching too. the transit system installed these cameras aimed at the driver's seat at a cost of $3 million. >> track movements of the buses and activities that the operators are involved in. primarily as a training tool. >> reporter: the union representing drivers complains there was a hidden agenda for the cameras. >> they told us they weren't going to take any disciplinary action with the property but lately they have been. >> reporter: once the probation period for the cameras ended last february a lot of misbehavior has been caught on metrocam including running red lights, which is the most common offense, speeding, failure to use seat belts and cell phone use while driving. the cameras monitor the drivers constantly but sudden events are recorded. disciplinary actions were taken including 222 suspensions and 20 firings for cell phone use. most of the passengers we spoke to seem to share this view. >> i think it is a great idea. it will make them stay focused on road and not get
noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. >>> lawyers are pressing prosecutors to drop sexual assault charges against dominique straus-khan. prosecutors are considering whether they can go forward after finding his accuser lied to them. defense lawyers called a meeting with the prosecution today "productive." >>> the army psychiatrist charged in the deadly fort hood rampage will face the death penalty. this after the base commander determined that major nidal malik hasan will be saying it was more costly and time consuming. >>> james bulger pled not guilty to 19 murder counts. that plea in a boston federal court came 16 years after bulger fled the city when a federal agent warned him that there was an upcoming indict
ahead, some big changes are coming to mcdonald's. top. >> well lesli, it is hot, but not humid. we talked about this yesterday. it's actually bearable. temperature 94 downtown. 91 in gaithersburg. we'll come back to how long it will stay with us and talk about dangerous heat just around the corner. >> up next, as norway still reels from last week's deadly terror attack, the lawyer defending the suspect says the confessed killer may plead insanity. >>> police have released some of the names of the people, 76 of them killed in a bombing and shooting spree that rocked that nation. the victims and the lawyer for the killer are now speaking out. >> reporter: 16-year-old didn't think she would see her family again. she was on the island when the gunman opened fire. >> i wasn't that scared of my own life. it was that i thought, i'm not able to say good-bye. >> she jumped into a boat to escape the bullets. she says that split second decision saved her life. >> i'm so sure i wouldn't have survived if i swam. >> 76 people died and a bombing in oslo. the lawyer for confessed killer says
. >> sounds good, delia. let's hope it materializes. >> a big switcharoo today on metro to dulles much the airport authority caved to some intense pressure and decided to abandon all the plans to build that rail station underground. bruce leshan has been covering the story but even the other option isn't cheap. bruce. >> reporter: the total cost for phase ii of this, $3.5 billion, with a b. so moving the station above ground it is about $330 million. but the total cost that they really need to get down to, still have to work on it quite a bit and they will have to shave off enough to get down a pretty staggering $2.8 billion. phase i already dominates the view in tyson's corner but getting phase ii paid for all the way out to dulles has been a real struggle. in a packed hearing room the airport's authority voted to move the dulles airport station above ground. even though none of the members seem particularly happy about it. >> i will be embarrassed that the international gateway airport for the capitol of my country has a slip shot station like this. this is an embarrass many and outr
's the big difference. and the period of time. you know, how long each party would cut the debt ceiling forward. and the senate majority harry reid introduced the senate democratic proposal today. that one calls for an immediate debt limit increase for $2.4 trillion. that would provide enough borrowing to last through the 2012 election. and they also cut spending by $2.7 trillion and adds no new revenue to the government. and the house republican plan would raise the limit too, but they would use a two-step process instead. step one, an immediate increase of a trillion dollars in exchange for $2.3 trillion. and that two comes next year. congress would have to cut another $1.8 trillion. if they do that, the debt would be raised again, or should i say the debt limit would be raised again by $1.6 trillion. each party is now taking aim at the other party's plan. >> and i would call this plan less than perfect. and you know, it u does ensure that the spending cuts will be greater than the hike in the debt limit. >> republicans, the short-term plan is a non-starter incentive in the senate and
here, we're tracking the numbers when it comes to rainfall and that is a big deal because flash flooding is going to be an issue. >> it is. more so hail or damaging wind. flash flooding is the main issue with this. we're looking at a flash flood watch until about midnight. severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. a little bit ahead of schedule in terms of our timetable. that's good news. it gets out of here quicker. the highlighted yellows there, that's the severe thunderstorm warning down toward fredericksburg and stafford county. also to the south of town. in through charles county and answer arundel county. the watch continues until 9:00. i think though if you're in leesburg and back into winchester and culpepper, i think the threat of severe weather is just about over. here's why. look at this intense line of showers and thunderstorms from almost baltimore on the east side of 95 all the way to the east in through prince george's county and backcrossing over 95 just north of fredericksburg. these are heavy rainfall makers and a lot of flash flooding going on. so, don't cross
? >> reporter: anita, it's not pretty. four big boats are gone. a fifth boat is almost completely destroyed and you have the pier here at the washington yacht club. look at this back here. you can actually see how much of this dock is going to have to be replaced. so in total, we're talking almost a million dollars in damage. >> i saw a cloud billowing that wasn't really a cloud and i couldn't make sense of it. so i came out to look and see what it was and it was flames coming from the boats. >> jeffrey taylor was sleeping on his boat when the fire broke out around 3:00 this morning. >> what would happen if you didn't wake up? >> i don't want to think about that one. i don't want to think about that one. that would have been real bad. >> incredibly, no one was hurt, including jeffrey who saved some of the boats before firefighters arrived. >> tried cut loose some of the other boats and we got the water hose and started to at least keep some of them a little wet. >> but water can only do so much, even when you are surrounded by it. >> nothing you can do. you are helpless. and you are
big tree. >> this is one of the most beautiful trees on our block. >> you hate to see the tree go though, right? >> it was not going. it's just getting a haircut. in a way, it will open up the sunshine in the yard. that's looking at it positively. >> as for mac, he is trying to look at it positively, too. >> what could i think? it's a done deed. >> delia tells us that everyone worked together to clear the road. neighbors have offered mcdore manets a place to stay until their repairs are made. residents in arlington county were told power would be back by 6:00 tonight. >>> meanwhile down on the national mall, thousands are gathering for tonight's fourth of july festivities, hoping the only thing lighting up the sky will be fireworks. armando. >> reporter: right now the good news is that it is not raining and it is hot and humid. however it's also overcast. all those folks you see out there are being protected from the sun. they are not broiling like lobsters. so far, everybody seems to be having a good time. there were marching bands from all over america. a tribute to our arm
hours after a water main break caused big problems in the area. sky 9 shot this view where the water was shut off to as many as 25 businesses. because of the break on this excessively hot day. it happened this morning around maple avenue between nuttily street and james madison drive. part of maple avenue was shut down for hours. repair crews on the scene throughout the day. >>> heat and humidity not only drains your energy, it also puts a lot of stress on your car. and aaa says it has seen a 32 account increase in heat related service calls. earlier i talked with the auto club's john town send about what we need to do to keep our cars running in a heat wave. >> okay john, we put this thermometer in a car more than a half hour ago. that is enough to cripple a car. >> push your car into a danger zone. and your passengers, too. >> so here's what you need to know before you hit the road in oppressive heat. start with where the rubber hits the road. >> need a tire gauge and you need to check the tread level. if they aren't properly inflated, you could have a blowout at a high level o
are falling out as we saw with this roofer this afternoon. even so, the big trend in these calls is mostly attributable that just about the fact every chronic illness is made worse by heat and a lot of these folks have pre-existing conditions and just fall out because of the added stress of the heat. it is why the city has 100 cooling centers open. libraries, museums and the like. if you feel it coming on, just a little dizziness, dry mouth, headache from dehydration, that's the time to take action. quit the activity. get yourself inside because as we saw today it can happen to anybody even a tough roofer. reporting live in northeast washington, scott broom, newest newest. >> glad to see you've got your head covered as well. >> thank you. >>> since yesterday we have been asking our wusa9 facebook fans what the hottest jobs are. here they are. firefighter, roofer, trash collector, a.c. repairman and property maintenance or manager. then we armed our&karen with an infrared temperature gauge, sent her out the door. now you are there live at the edgemoore club with a pool in the background. a
is causing some big problems this rush hour. the westbound lanes are shut down now because of a tractor trailer accident. the cab of the vehicle became separated from its load near oakton, virginia, the truck that was hauling hay caught on fire. the westbound lanes of 66 were backed up for several hours while firefighters sprayed down the hay. the driver of the truck was not hurt. now westbound traffic is being diverted on to route 123 this evening. >> they have been without power now for nearly two days. coming up, the rare step they have to take to get the power back on for folks in north arlington. anny. >> and we're looking at some really nice conditions tonight. here's a look at doppler radar where we have a few storms. we'll talk about the increase in humidity coming up a little later. >>> over international monetary fund chief domonique strauss- kahn may be trouble for now, but his legal troubles are far from over. filed a former complaint of attempted rape against strauss- kahn today in paris. claims he tried to sexually assault her in 2003. this all comes as the sexual assaul
the country about a big statement regarding those social security checks. >> well, it was a remarkable thing to see actually. the president of the united states, any president of the united states saying that he cannot guarantee the 27 million social security checks that are due to be mailed out on august 3. august 3, of course, as you know, is the day after the government says that it will go into default on its debts and the president was explaning in the interview, unless a deal can be done with capitol hill with the republicans and democrats in that building behind me, then he will not be able to guarantee that they can send out those checks and other kinds of government checks, including pension checks and disability checks as well. so it's a remarkable thing that the united states has come to this point and just something on the order of three weeks away from that date. >> of course next week is the pivotal week because everyone has said next week is the week this deal has to be reached in order to get all of this done by august 2. you spoke with the president today where he pretty mu
sunday came in. >> wow. that thing is barely big enough to fit one scoop with a topping b she managed to get a second -- a topping, but she managed to get a second scoop. >> now, he hit 32 home runs on monday, but look at what happened with one of the few pop-ups. flying in, he goes full on it and makes the catch, like 60,000 fans were rooting for a home run. 20 kids were rooting for a pop- up so they could do that. and the ranger's pitcher, doesn't have time to fuel this conventionally, so he goes out here and on the black hand flip with a lot of the four-hand scoop this year. they have not seen that before. welcome to the game here. my highlight of prime time. let's go to the bad, the fake injury. brazil, erica. you are probably wondering what happened to her. we checked the goal cam, watch her in yellow right there, nothing happens to her. she just goes down for no reason to stall the game and they bring out the stretcher to take her o. but look at this, she's on the sideline, she hops off the stretcher and runs back into the game. i have seen better acting and for a variety of thi
wheeling and dealing today. they got a couple of new wide receivers and big time defensive tackle. more on that in about 40 minutes. >>> time is running out to prevent a government default. we're just six days away from the debt ceiling deadline. and democrats and republicans still seem far apart on a deal. derek mcginty has more. >> reporter: the political soap opera goes on. today looks like speaker john boehner has caused a bit of rebellion in the ranks. some more conservative republican caucus members were pretty upset after the congressional budget office said boehner's plan was not so stingy with the federal spending as had been advertised and withheld support for him. today boehner got them in a meeting and said get in line, drop the opposition and some of them at least appeared to be listening. >> i've moved from leaning no to undecided to lean yes. >> it's better than what we would have if the senate democrats and this president continue on the spending. >> there is no other alternative out there that we think could pass the house. >> reporter: meantime, in the senate side demo
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